About You


If you’re spending time here with us, we assume you are:


A Manager in an organisation

You know that the team members you manage can get their work done in very different ways, and that might mean collaborating across physical and cultural distances.

You want to help each individual fulfil their potential, and deliver on their professional objectives - but perhaps you are aware of gaps in your skills to manage a distributed team, or lack confidence in some of the how questions, whether that’s about your work or those of the people you supervise. You might be also worried about your team spirit gradually fading away…

We can help you through: coaching, team facilitation, self-paced learning. If you want to introduce us to your Learning and Development department, we can help them too. You might want to check out our blog and our 21st Century Work Life and Management Café podcasts.


AN HR/L&D professional in an organisation

You know that the world of work is changing and that having a workforce that can collaborate through technology can make the organisation more resilient. 

You also know that a collaborative mindset is key, but  you can’t expect people to be together in the office all the time if you want a diverse and inclusive workforce. 

You know that the key to success is to support managers to embrace a new mindset and help them enable their team members to work together online.

At this stage, you might want to: check out our in-house workshops, check out our book for leaders of remote teams, and talk to us about working with us support your transformation.


A Change agent in an organisation

You know that team members can work just as well when they’re physically apart as when they see each other in the office every day. But you also know it’s not just a question of learning to use a few online tools. You’re trying to convince people in your organisation that adopting an “office optional” approach will be good for the everyone and you’re trying to change the mindset of those in charge, because you’ve identified that the change needed to make this work needs to happen at a strategic level.

At this stage, you might be interested in: Thinking Remote - the book, and our coaching services.


A curious professional

You know that the world of work has changed and perhaps you’re considering ways to make your present role work better for you - to suit your personal lifestyle and motivation, and enable you to perform at your best.

You might also be thinking about your next role, and whether you have the mindset and personal attributes to work in a more office-optional way, perhaps even to manage others who are doing the same. 

You know it’s going to require learning about some new approaches, technologies, and ideas.

You might want to investigate: our blog posts , our 21st Century Work Life podcast, our book Thinking Remote and our online courses (coming soon!).