In-house Podcasting in Your Organisation

We are also developing the programme Your Own Team Radio, for virtual teams. Download the PDF here.

Are you concerned that the transition to remote working will affect the way your people communicate? That it might dilute team spirit and connectedness?

Are you worried that employees will begin to feel disengaged from the organisation?

An in-house podcast, curated to build a sense of community within your organisation can go a long way to maintaining a sense of connection amongst your people.


Think of it as ‘radio-on-demand’, or a private station just for your organisation that can be listened to from anywhere. They are just as easy to enjoy at home, in the car, on public transport, on a walk, or whilst exercising.

However large and dispersed your workforce is, tuning in to a regular in-house podcast can make them feel closer and more connected - both to the organisation and to each other. The podcast comes to them, wherever and whenever they want to enjoy it.

The purpose of a podcast is to gather different voices from the organisation, and accessible technology now makes this possible.

“What content shall we create for our podcast?”

A magazine-style format works well, with a mixture of recurring segments, which could include some of the following:

  • Company news - because who has time to read a memo?

  • Industry news - bite-sized bits of important information

  • Team recognition - from birthdays to business achievements

  • Tips and ideas - this could include anything from technology use to well-being suggestions

  • Challenges and competitions - whether formal sales targets or fun shared activities

  • Employee or role profiles - what exactly does that person do anyway? Maybe they’d make a great interviewee, and that’d help everyone understand their function better

  • Messaging alignment - your team are your best ambassadors, so sharing goals and intentions can help you create consistent ways to talk about your organisation to other people - great when you’re hiring!

  • Recommending reading or viewing - encouraging listeners to contribute their own suggestions, that others might enjoy

If you think this sounds good but have no idea where to start, that’s where Virtual Not Distant can help. The learning curve is short, and you don’t need expensive professional equipment.

We can support you anywhere on the spectrum from an initial set-up and consult, through to a full done-for-you service where we sort it all out for you every month or every week.  Our director Pilar Orti is a highly experienced podcaster, best-known for hosting our very own 21st Century Work-Life podcast - and she’s ready to help you create your own branded in-house communications platform.

In-house podcasting is an affordable, accessible and uniquely intimate way to stay connected with your team. Just send us a quick enquiry, and we’ll schedule a time to talk it through with you: