Our workshops can be adapted to your requirements. Please see more below, after the description of "Leading the Transition from Office-Based to Remote Team" and "Leading Your Virtual Team".


"Flexible working" does not mean "working from home".
It involves adjusting to a new way of communicating with our colleagues and re-defining teamwork, so that people can work from where they work best.

In this workshop, we'll help you to:

#1 Identify what's changing during your transition, what can remain the same and why team members (and that includes you) might be struggling with the change.

#2 Pinpoint those aspects of teamwork we take for granted in the collocated space but which we need to plan for in the virtual setting.

#3 Select the tools, processes and behaviours you'll need to support high-quality communication in your new set-up.

As a guide, a one-day in person workshop for 12 participants will cost £2,500.

LEading your virtual team


Made up of three modules, this course focuses on the areas of teamwork that make up our trademarked VIRTUAL model, to help you pin-point the next actions to develop your team.

We use facilitation and coaching techniques to ensure that participants learn about the tools, practices and behaviours best suited to their own situation. 

#1 Your Virtual Team Space: Communication

How to make asynchronous communication a success.
How to run online meetings.
Designing communication processes that can feed intrinsic motivation.

#2 Building Team Identity and Trust

Role modelling behaviours that will build helpful team norms.
Understanding the different types of conflict.
Team development.

#3 Coaching, Learning and Next Steps

Building a coaching culture.
Giving and receiving feedback.
Creating your Team Development Plan.

These three modules cover the seven areas of VIRTUAL teamwork: Visibility, Identity, Results, Trust, Upgrowth, Appreciation and Leadership. 

This programme can be delivered as a one- or two-day course in person or as three separate online sessions. Get in touch for a quote.

Our workshops for managers and leaders of remote teams can be delivered in person (up to 12 participants) and online, in programmes of 90-mins. live sessions (in groups of up to 6 participants). If you would like us to adapt the content or cater for larger groups, please get in touch to discuss requirements, priorities and cost.

The in-person workshops are designed to last one-day but they can be adapted to suit half-days.
We recommend that the online programmes are delivered as three 90 minute sessions. (These are workshop sessions, not webinars or e-learning materials.)

All prices quoted on this page are exclusive of VAT.

VIRTUAL not Distant®

VIRTUAL not Distant®