Helping managers and leaders of remote teams.


When we're used to being in the same physical space with those we collaborate, it's difficult to imagine that we can create the same high-quality results and team spirit if we start working from different locations.

As team members start to work from home, or co-working spaces or even as they choose to work in different spaces in the company's building, we need to reconsider what "working together" means. As long as we recognise that we'll need to shift our mindset and refine our communication processes, we can make it work.

At Virtual not Distant, we help managers and leaders of colocated teams make  the transition to a remote set-up, so that team members can work from where they work best. We also help organisations introducing "agile working".

For a quick list of questions to help your team transition to "virtual", check out this post.



We support managers and leaders of virtual teams and those making the transition to remote through training, coaching and team building.


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