Turning Exit Interviews into Team Reviews

Here’s a thought experiment: “If you were to leave your team now, what would you say at your exit interview?” Has looking back in this imaginary scenario brought any different insights about how your team works? Or crystallised what’s important to you? In this blog post, Pilar suggests how to turn the concept of an exit interview into a team review meeting, to generate new insights into how we work.

GDPR and Your Remote Team

You might be sick of all the anxious re-opt-in emails, and think that GDPR doesn’t apply to you - but whether you’re a small business owner, a marketing professional, or simply deal with personal information of customers/enquirers in your everyday work, then the enforcement of the General Data Protection Regulation affects you. Maya discusses some of the implications to consider, in today’s distributed workplace.

Time to Upgrade the Way We Communicate

In this blog post, Maya Middlemiss shares her own experience of upgrading her remote communication tools, as technology evolved. Paying careful attention to the team’s needs and designing a plan to introduce the new tools was vital to the successful transition to the new tech. Throughout this post, and especially if you’re mainly using email for internal communications, we invite you to ask yourself, “Is it time to upgrade the way we communicate with remote colleagues?”

Designing the Digital Workspace: What We Can Learn from the Physical Space

As we learn more about what helps people to be productive at work and the kind of environments that enable collaboration, companies are investing heavily in the design of their physical workspaces. However, little thoughts is being given to the design of digital workspaces. There is much we can adapt from how offices are designed to help us create digital environments that promote a sense of belonging in the online space. This is the first of two articles addressing this crossover.