Why I’m So Sad about IBM’s recent “Back to the Office” Ultimatum

Back in February, I managed to miss the news that IBM was making more of its employees sit “shoulder to shoulder” with their colleagues. The corporation is limiting where employees work for the US Marketing Department to six of its offices. No more working from home; no more working in any of the other offices.

After reading the long-form article in Quartz, ‘IBM, remote-work pioneer, is calling thousands of employees back to the office’,  I’ve found myself pondering about what widely-reported news like this one might mean for the future of work and our attitudes to work.

Nurturing Team Creativity. A Virtual not Distant Bitesize.

Before I start my musings on nurturing team creativity, I’d like to define what I mean by creativity. I’m not referring to “artistry” – or the creative industries. I’m referring to the ability to come up with new solutions to problems, to change the way in which we do things, to improve our processes… I’m talking about using our imagination to see things that are not already there.