Virtual not Distant

Virtual not Distant was founded in early 2015, in response to the growing number of people realising that the traditional routine of the "commuting-into-work" knowledge worker, could be broken.

While virtual teams are not just a 21st Century phenomenon, the access to high-end technology is. 

However, technology is not enough to support high-performing teams. How we work in organisations needs to change too. Autonomy, trust, flexibility and transparent communication are at the core of making remote teams a success. That's what Virtual not Distant wants to nurture. 


Pilar Orti

Hello. I will be your main point of contact when you get in touch through our website. (Or when you pick up the phone...)

After understanding your context, organisation, challenges and aspirations, I will decide whether it's a job I can kick-off on my own, or whether you will benefit from working with a larger team. 

If the latter is the case, I will reach out to my broad network of coaches, trainers and facilitators to find someone perfect for the job. 

And if it's something I feel that we can't help you with, I'll point you in the direction of someone who can. 


Pilar's Biog

After training face to face and facilitating team-away days, in 2010 Pilar started to look for non-location specific opportunities to help people develop. Wanting to visit her parents in Madrid more often and having met her future husband in Amsterdam meant that limiting her work to her UK base was no longer an option.

In 2013, she landed a freelance job with a training company, delivering accredited Management and Leadership qualifications online. There she started igniting discussion on the forum and growing the webinar programme. Far from finding the shift to the online space daunting, Pilar quickly adapted her ability to create a sense of purpose and unity to the online space.

Having run a small organisation herself, Pilar understands the importance of people feeling valued and engaged at work. Changing the tools and the location of our work shouldn’t impact our ability to work closely together. However, we do need to shift our mindset and let go of old ways.

Pilar is fascinated by the opportunities that technology brings to make the world of work a better place. And seeing as we spend more than 70% of our waking time at work, what better way of helping make the world a better place?

(If you’re curious about Pilar’s credentials, here they are: BSc in Biology (Imperial College), PTTLS certification, CIPD Affiliate and RSA Fellowship. Pilar also works regularly as a voiceover in London (her husband moved over) and her proudest achievement is being the voice of Xuli in the BBC’s CBeebies’ GoJetters animation series.)

Enough about me. Now tell us about what YOU are looking for.
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