Nurturing Team Creativity. A Virtual not Distant Bitesize.

Before I start my musings on nurturing team creativity, I’d like to define what I mean by creativity. I’m not referring to “artistry” – or the creative industries. I’m referring to the ability to come up with new solutions to problems, to change the way in which we do things, to improve our processes… I’m talking about using our imagination to see things that are not already there.

Onboarding in Virtual Teams

We all know the importance of looking after people who have just joined our team, of guiding them through our processes, of showing them where to look for help. But often we overlook the fact that new people need our help beyond the obvious practicalities. One-one time is often lost when we go flexi or virtual.

"Going Remote" is a Change Programme

Gradually and unseemly, more of us are starting to rely on mobile working. We find ourselves working on our two hour train journeys, in airports, in the supermarket queues... We start to work away from the office one day a week. We begin to recruit people who prefer to work from home, so will only take flexible (truly flexible) contracts. We beginto understand where and when we do our best work and want to schedule our days accordingly.

Then one day, we realise that it's not working.

Leadership in Virtual Teams

Every morning, I go for a walk in the park. The walk is really just an excuse to listen to a podcast without feeling like I should be doing something else more “productive”.

Quite often during these walks, my mind (encouraged by the repetitive exercise and the sound of the podcast voices’ energy) suddenly solves a problem I’ve been tackling or just wanders off and brings me back something unexpected. This morning, it brought me back a memory. And I thought it was perfect to open the post dedicated to the last component of the Virtual not Distant model, Leadership.