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Our Director, Pilar Orti, is working on a book for managers and team leaders of remote and virtual teams.


“Online Meetings that ROCK” will help readers to run meetings which nurture

Relationships, fulfill their
Objectives, nurture
Creativity and are enabled by the right
Kit and set up. 

The book is in the process of beta review presently, and editing and refining will take place through the winter, to ensure the finished manuscript reflects user feedback and the latest thinking.  It’s an involved process to create the most effective practical guide possible, and bring that learning and information to the world of remote team leadership as broadly as possible.


Feedback and opinions are a vital part of raising awareness and creating social proof, which is why we are looking for readers who can commit to posting a public review of the book - either on an e-commerce site (you know which one we mean...), their own blog, or a e-book platform.


If you would like to join this group of early-access readers, we will send you a review copy in either PDF or Kindle format.

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