Team Coaching and Facilitation

Building your virtual team is not a one-off activity, it's a long-term adventure. 

Remote working, virtual working, agile working, smart working… From office-based to office-optional, there are myriad decisions to be made, and choices open to you.


If you're transitioning from being an office-based team to operating within a remote/flexible set-up, we can help you to adapt your tools, processes and behaviours to the remote environment.

Change is a process, and requires a plan - but we can help you achieve your goals and accomplish the move, from how you work together now, to how the future will look and feel like.  

We can take what works for you in the physical world and model that digitally - at the same time, changing anything which could make your work better.

Every team has different needs, and we’ll work with you on whatever is causing uncertainty or risk in the shift to remote...

For example, we can help you to design your new communications processes. When working together virtually, we need to be deliberate and specific, with everything from signalling availability, sharing what you’re working on, and creating space for informality and relationship-building. We’ll help you choose the right tools and routines to recreate the best of the office in an online space.

Or we can help you to run your online meetings. Synchronous communication encourages clarification, discussion and alignment in remote teams, but meetings often fall apart or fail to deliver an action plan because, while everyone is busy contributing to the discussion, nobody is paying attention to the quality of the conversation and team dynamics.  Learning how to facilitate effectively can help ensure your meeting achieves its objectives, and everyone remains involved and engaged.

And if you need an external facilitator to run your online meetings, we can provide that too!

If you and your team could use some reflection and fine-tuning as you make the switchover, get in touch using the form below.

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