Virtual, not Distant - the Interviews

In this interview, I talk to Alan Inman-Ward, the Tenant Insight Manager for Charter Housing. Amongst other things, he describes how he introduced the enterprise social networking tool Yammer into his organisation and he has some very valuable advice for those of you thinking of introducing an online collaboration tool into your team's communication process.

Ironically, Alan's team is co-located and the people using Yammer work in the same building, but the tool has allowed them to run more productive face-to-face meetings - proving that the tools are there to be used (or not) in the way that best suits you.

If you want to follow Alan on Twitter, his username is @alan_inmanward and you can follow what his organisation does through @CharterHousing.

If you're having trouble listening to the interview on the above player, click on this link to listen through the Soundcloud website.