WEBINAR: Remote Teams: How to lead them confidently and successfully.

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We are delighted to form part of the Training Zone - GoToMeeting webinar series. 

WEDNESDAY 6th June 2018 11am - 12pm BST (UK time)

Remote working, flexible working, agile working, smart working… So many buzzwords, for the same thing: more and more of us are now being enabled or even encouraged to work somewhere other than the traditional centralised office.

This greater flexibility offers many benefits including increased productivity, improved work-life blending, and greater intrinsic motivation for colleagues trusted to work in the location which suits them best. But transitioning from the 9 to 5 to something more individual and flexible doesn’t just happen, and for those responsible for other people’s work there is even more to think about.

Pilar Orti is the director of Virtual Not Distant, where she helps organisations large and small during the crucial change-management process of adopting office-optional working. This webinar will provide a high-level overview of some of the most important considerations for team leadership in the 21st century workplace, including:

  • Changing your mindset, from supervising to facilitating

  • Working out loud - sharing your workflow and your thought process to keep team members aligned

  • Using your asynchronous communication ecosystem to support your online meetings

  • Using your online meetings to build relationships and achieve objectives

  • Adopting a coaching mindset - helping people develop, solve their problems and become self-sufficient remote workers

Whether you’re considering a more flexible approach to your workplace location or you’re already working with a remote team, you’ll find new ideas to think about in this webinar - and be sure to send us your questions in advance, so we can address as many as possible during the live call.

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