WLP158 - Bringing People Together in Co-working Spaces

We continue talking about co-working, this time with Bernie J. Mitchell, who tells us about engineering connections between members of co-working spaces. 


From freelancing to supporting freelancers.

The journey from visitor to key staff member

Bernie's role in WorkHubs is connecting people.

"Helping people finding their voice with each other."

"Finding ways of connecting people without engineering it too much."

What things haven't worked - (guess what, pure socialising is not the most important).

Focused meetups.

Bernie shares how he arrived at the most efficient mode of communication within the community.

Involving the community in the running of the space.

What does co-working mean to people?

Learning about their members' stories: why they do what they do and how they ended up doing it.

Do online platforms help co-working communities? What has Bernie tried?

Bernie mentions:
Coworking Europe