WLP61 Conflict in Virtual Teams

We talk about conflict in virtual teams, the different kinds of conflict, how to prevent destructive conflict from happening and what to do if it does surface.


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Our Blab next Tuesday on Resolving Conflict in Virtual Teams: https://blab.im/lisette-sutherland-resolving-conflict-in-virtual-teams

Virtual not Distant Bitesize

06:35 Today's short section looks at the different roles that managers take in virtual teams, that have been linked to reducing conflict.
If you want to find out more about Quinn's leadership roles, visit http://www.comindwork.com/weekly/2015-04-20/productivity/managerial-leadership-roles-quinn

Virtual Coffee with Lisette, talking about Conflict in Virtual Teams

14:55Our usual updates.
Read about Lisette's disaster here: http://www.lisettesutherland.com/2016/01/dead-in-the-water-virtual-vulnerabilities/
We went to Las Vegas with Revolve Robotics, watch the discussion here: https://vimeo.com/151339115
Hybrid teams - read about Hugo Messer's experience on being teleported to Las Vegas. http://blog.ekipa.co/how-i-got-teleported-to-las-vegas/
Isolation in the office.

Feedback from listeners!

Different types of conflict: task, process, interpersonal.

What's the most appropriate mode of communication?

What is "normal"?

Group norms, should we challenge them? How shall we create common agreement? Creating the space for conversations.

Informal time together and time on our own. And one-one time.

The importance of reaching out.

Questions you can ask yourselves as a team to evaluate how good you are at dealing with conflict. David Clutterbuck "Coaching the Team at Work."

What can we do so that disagreement doesn't turn into conflict?

The Feedback Wrap.


Pilar's post on Maslow's theory and custard creams. http://www.unusualconnections.co.uk/maslows-theory-in-practice-or-why-you-need-custard-creams/

There has to be some disagreements, but they need to help the work.

Do we bring another person into our problem?

Assume positive intent.