WLP63 Don't Reply All

In today's episode, Pilar and Lisette are joined by Hassan Osman, who shares how to make the most out of email. Take out your notebooks (virtual or otherwise) as this episode is packed with practical advice.


Not much to say today, we go almost straight into the Virtual not Distant Bitesize.

Leadership in Virtual Teams Webinar - the last in the Working in Virtual Teams series.

Virtual not Distant Bitesize

04: 00 Match the Tool to How and What You Want to Communicate.
Choose different tools and processes for:

Urgent communication.
Progress updates.
Chit Chat.

Saros Virtual Team Practice

10:20 We share the virtual team practice of Saros Research

Virtual Coffee with Lisette and Hassan Osman

12: 25 How Lisette and Pilar met through Hassan.

Don't Reply All - why Hassan wrote this book.

"It's not the quantity that bothers me, it's the quality."

24:00 Bad email practice.
Don't write long emails.
Don't keep the same subject line for emails on end.
Don't bury your actions and questions within your email.

TLDR - what does that mean?

And finally, don't reply all!

Five tactics to get the best email results.

How the use of email has evolved.

How about checking out Hassan's other book on the Kindle?

Influencing Virtual Teams.

Or his Udemy course? How to Manage and Influence Your Virtual Team

Or his blog: www.thecouchmanager.com


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