WLP126 Are Virtual Teams Dysfunctional?

In this episode, Pilar and Lisette analyse a recent article by Patrick Lencioni where he recommends to stay away from working as a virtual team.


 Visibility in Virtual Teams from the website. Scroll down the Inspiration page. https://www.virtualnotdistant.com/inspiration

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1) Lisette's holiday
Why it's so important to keep down stress levels. 

David Burkus podcast Radio Free Leader
episode The Art and Practice of Breakthrough Thinking with Judah Pollack


(2) Catch up on Agile conference and Work 2.0
Aginext http://2017.aginext.io/
For more on Work 2.0 listen to episode 125 of this podcast. 

(3)  We recap the five dysfunctions of a team and analyse this article. 


(4) How Microsoft is supporting their mobile workers


(5) Two more tools from Lisette that look promising. 
Telepresence Robot Ohmni
Pukka Team