WLP43 Employee Engagement in Organisations

Pilar talks to Laura Troyani, from TinyPulse, a company that helps to keep the conversation going within organisations to address employee engagement.

"Peers are the #1 motivator for going the extra mile at work."

00:30 Pilar thanks @BernieJMitchell , @DJ_Motorteufel@gdbeaulieu @tonyjreeves

06: 40Laura shares the story behind TinyPulse. Asking and pulsing your team every week, to see how happy/frustrated your team is.

12:55 People analytics and data.

14:06 How TinyPulse works in practice.

17:30 Anonymity in employee feedback. How it helps the employee and the manager.

21:10 The different organisations using TinyPulse.

27:10 Laura's role as Director of Marketing. Using TinyPulse in other areas apart from engagement.

30:30 The #1 reason for people going the extra mile at work. www.tinypulse.com/2014-employee-engagement-organizational-culture-report

If you're interested in engagement in teams, especially in virtual teams, check out the episode including a Virtual Coffee with Lisette on Engagement at Work.

Virtual teams: Higher levels of engagement in people working out of the office for 20% of the time. 39:15 Peer-peer recognition. Appreciation at work.

How can organisations foster a culture of honest, open communication.

Check out the TinyPulse blog for a range of articles on employee engagement and company culture.

Laura Troyani twitter handle: twitter.com/lauratroyani