WLP99 Virtual and Collocated Teams + Experiments

In this episode Pilar talks to Andy Cleff about virtual teams, running experiments and how the tension between creativity and control. 60mins


Yes, you can become emotionally connected to people you've never met in person. Pilar writes here about her recent experience leaving a virtual team. https://pilarwrites.wordpress.com/2016/10/07/its-not-the-tech-its-the-people/

Come and join us in Virtual Team Talk https://virtualteamtalk.com/

Pilar mentions the book 'Radical Collaboration', which Andy talks about later.


A 'Thoughtful Thursday' Conversation with Andy Cleff

08:00mins What does play mean in the context of software development. The concept of serious play.

For how long can we continue working as a team if the work becomes too intense?

Andy's change in mindset from collocated to distributed and even hybrid.

"The need to build human connections is really amplified when we're distributed, remote or hybrid."

I hope when I'm back to collocated fully whatever I've learned in the distributed space, I bring back with a new appreciation for that environment.

"Containers" for virtual teams, it's important that they have their own space, pretty much like collocated teams might personalise their space.

Running experiments - how a Book Club can help to learn to deal with conflict.

The book Andy mentions is 'Radical Collaboration'.

When experiments fail...
"I sold the solution, not the problem..."

What needs to be in place for a team to want to be involved in experiments.

Does it all start with education?!

A wonderful story to wrap up our thoughtful conversation.

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