WLP136 - Engineering Happiness at Automattic

Have we got a treat for you today. In this episode, both Lisette and Pilar talk to Tish Briseno, Happiness Engineer at Automattic, the company behind WordPress.com.  


Tish shares what her job as Happiness Engineer involves and how she interacts directly with customers through video meetings. This really helps her to feel connected to the work and see the results of her work. (Plus, she loves seeing all the different blogs around.)

How does someone start working for Automattic? Tish shares her own story and the onboarding process. 

Communication across a company with over 560 distributed employees. How do people talk to each other and collaborate in a company with no physical office and how is the organisation structured? (To find out more about why Automattic ditched their San Francisco office, check out this article: https://qz.com/1002655/the-company-behind-wordpress-is-closing-its-gorgeous-san-francisco-office-because-its-employees-never-show-up/

Most of the long-form, thorough communication in Automattic takes place through the P2 blogs. Tish shares how she’s learned to write posts aimed at others in the company and how she receives feedback from colleagues. 

The role of the Team Lead at Automattic.

The autonomy of the job; staying connected with people in her team and acting on her own initiative. 

Read more about Tish’s work on her blog: https://tish.blog/
Connect with Tish on Twitter: https://twitter.com/iSocialTish