WLP112 Learning in Virtual Teams

In today's episode, Pilar and Lisette share some of the ways in which they learn about themselves, their work and their colleagues.


Online Learning does not mean watching videos!

(1) Overview

What do we mean by "learning"? Kolb's cycle.
Involves change.
A lot of our learning is experiential.

Experience (concrete experience)
Reflect (reflective observation)
Theorise, generalise (abstract conceptualisation)
How could it work next time? Plan. (active experimentation)

From "How do I use the tool?" to "How do I approach you?"

Just in case (most formal learning) vs Just in Time (most informal learning) 

(2) Informality Spectrum

Social aspect of learning - learning from others through their point of view; building empathy

From chatting over coffee to structured events. 

(3) Specific examples of learning through Virtual Team Talk

Trust - learning about topic but also about turning knowledge conversations into content. Formal - learn about trust; informal, learn about others, myself

Lean coffee and mentoring - formal / self-directed by your own topic
Informal/directed by others by observing, listening, empathy

Organise events - learn about the people and dynamics.

As we work with others, we adapt and we learn about ourselves, about those we work with and about the world around us.