WLP128 An Internal Affair

In this episode, Pilar and Lisette talk about their recent experience being involved in a day online event on working in virtual teams. This might be of interest if you are involved in organising a virtual event for your team or community. 

Lisette’s update, she’s found the perfect editor!

The Internal Affair and Virtual Team Talk

The diversity of opinions even in a group that shares a passion for making remote work, work.

What happened at this event?

Why it was an “internal affair” and not a “conference”.

How we organised the event collaboratively, asynchronously.

Pilar’s experience facilitating an audio-only session and how she discovered what she needs as a facilitator.

Thoughts from the chats on building culture asynchronously and taking an “office optional” approach.

“The company behind Wordpress is closing its San Francisco office because their employees never show up.” https://qz.com/1002655/the-company-behind-wordpress-is-closing-its-gorgeous-san-francisco-office-because-its-employees-never-show-up/

Pilar shares her impressions from a talk she attended by Sinead Lynch, Chair of Shell UK: we don’t need slides when we have something to say!