WLP44 Meetups and Management 3.0

Pilar talks to Andrea Darabos and Ryan Behrman form the London Management 3.0 Meetup Group. 

00:10 Pilar recommends some podcasts.

09:55 Why they set up the meet ups. Link to meet up. Their favourite meetups. How the Meetups have evolved and the different formats they take.

21:10 Advice for people who want to start a Meetup. Meetups in other cities when you're traveling.

30:45 Agile moving into the mainstream. Using agile terminology with a range of teams.

36:50 Their own companies, their philosophy and why they set them up.

Andrea: Lean Advantage. 

Ryan:  Touch Think.

42:50 How do you become a Management 3.0 facilitator? If you want to listen to the interview with Jurgen Appelo, listen to Episode 4 of the 21st Century Work Life podcast.

Ryan and Andrea are running a course on 17 & 18 September 2015. leanadvantage.co.uk/?portfolio=management-3-0-2-day-course

Connect with Andrea and Ryan:

Andrea's Twitter: twitter.com/adarabos   

Andrea's Linkedin: uk.linkedin.com/in/andreadarabos

Ryan's LinkedIn: uk.linkedin.com/in/ryanbehrman

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