WLP150 - Being a Newbie in a Remote Team

Maya Middlemiss shares her experiences as a freelancer and joining Virtual not Distant and Management 3.0. 

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Maya Middlemiss shares her experiences as a freelancer and joining Virtual not Distant and Management 3.0.

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Find out more about the VIRTUAL not Distant® framework from this episode with Pilar on the More Time More Profit podcast

Maya is a freelance writer, who’s moved on from running a virtual company to joining two teams (and more!) online.

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Connect with Maya www.mayamiddlemiss.com

She also contributes to this: valencia-property.com/denia/

She tells us a bit about her work – adopting different voices as a freelance writer and keeping the “heart” of it.

The need to build up your repertoire of tools when joining virtual teams.

How free are freelancers?

Accountability, trust and measuring output, when most of your work is not measurable…

The face to face component – the social and 360 degree aspect.

From manager to employee.

How do you sense how much you can adapt something in a team so that it works for you?

What helps during the onboarding process and as a freelancer.
(Last time Maya was onboarded, it was the 20th century!) She shares the experience of being a freelancer for a mainly full-time, colocated company. And the early internet days!

Looking out for the unspoken during the onboarding process.

Observing the culture – being deliberate about communication.

Piece on security https://www.virtualnotdistant.com/blog/virtually-secure-is-not-enough

We talk about this article https://work.qz.com/1118489/your-job-as-an-employer-is-to-make-sure-every-voice-is-heard

The separation between people who are embracing technology and those who don’t. And also different levels of comfort with change.

The new open course: https://www.virtualnotdistant.com/open-workshops/

What can Maya see when she looks out of her new window?