Our Podcast about Leading Teams: Management Café


Most of you familiar with Virtual not Distant know about our flagship podcast, ‘21st Century Work Life’ where we talk about working in remote teams, leading virtual teams and introducing remote work in organisations. The podcast has evolved into a magazine-style show, with guests including a range of knowledgeable (and friendly!) guests, conversations between our very own Maya and Pilar about the latest trends in the world of work and segments on online tools, wellbeing and even a ‘What Do You Mean by That?’ segment explaining those terms we hear often, but struggle to define exactly.

But did you know we also have another show, a shorter show, a simpler show, about team management?

In ‘Management Café’, Pilar Orti covers different aspects of managing both colocated and remote teams.

The show is currently on pause, but we’ll be reviving it soon. Until then, and if you haven’t come across it before, here’s the episode list so you can check it out. You can also find it in your podcast app of choice.