WLP46 Podcasting and Community Management

Pilar talks to Elsie Escobar about why she podcasts and what community management involves. Pilar also recommends a series of varied podcasts.

00:30 Pilar talks a bit about Blab and recommends a long list of podcasts, related to business and other stuff. For a list of podcasts on podcasting, check out the special on International Podcasting Day, on Weds 30th Sept.

Duck Tape Marketing

A History of Ideas

TED Talks Business

The Recruiting Future podcast


The Fizzle Show

Coroner Talk

The Future of Work

Tech Tent

The Reality Check

More or Less

HBR Ideacast

15:00 Conversation with Elsie.

Why Elsie started podcasting. Storytelling in podcasting.

From yoga podcaster to podcast advocate with Libsyn and She Podcasts.

She Podcasts and building a community. Digital media as a way of making your voice heard.

Elsie mentions Malcolm Gladwell's book The Outliers.

Will women's attitude and relationship with technology be different in future generations?

Podcasting School for Women. From self-awareness to launch!

Podcast Movement. (Pilar mentions Podcasters Group Therapy podcast.)

Community management and Elsie's role in Libsyn. Listen to The Feed!

Connect with Elsie: @yogeek She Podcasts and J & E Media Consulting