WLP134 - The 21st Century Actor

In this episode, Pilar talks to Syrus Lowe about his work in the theatre, in role-play companies and presenting. 



The diverse things that Syrus has been doing over the last 12 months. 

Being involved in the live streaming performance of St Joan at the Donmar Warehouse. 


How the nature of auditions has changed and how the industry is becoming more demanding. 

Syrus’ work as a role-play actor, facilitator and his masterclass. 

Giving feedback and training actors to give feedback in role-play sessions. 

Syrus’ article about unconscious bias: Syrus Lowe: Confusing me with another black actor is no laughing matter.

Using an actor’s public image to advocate for equality and other issues. The difficulty in managing public and private persona. 

Syrus’ work as a presenter. 

How City Hacks has evolved… and some interesting news!

Check out the youtube channel City Hacks London


Next classes in London 19th August and 20th September 2017

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