WLP52 Too Much Tech?

This episode is a bit of a time travel, as we recorded the Virtual Coffee in 10th Sept. But still very relevant of course! And we have a guest talking about an event from last week, so we're not completely catching our breath.

03:20 Pilar speaks to Gerard Beaulieu about the NASAGA conference. You can see a video of Gerard talking to someone at the conference here: https://youtu.be/aUjCp2OT0ao

16:55 Pilar and Lisette talk about whether there is just Too Much Tech.

Lisette's 50th episode! http://www.collaborationsuperpowers.com/50-greatest-hits-tips-and-advice-that-you-need-to-hear/

The Feed Ep 54 http://thefeed.libsyn.com/054-itunes-myths-and-misinformation-for-podcasters-video-vs-audio-podcasts-in-itunes-and-bagpipes

Pilar mentions this article: http://www.theguardian.com/technology/2015/feb/23/reading-writing-on-paper-better-for-brain-concentration

The damage that really hard work at the computer can do.

Lisette mentions her interview with NASA. http://www.collaborationsuperpowers.com/collaboration-space-exploration-nasa-sservi/

We talk about The Circle by Dave Eggers.

Using technology to control employees. How addictive is tech?

(Finally Lisette explains why sometimes she uses knitting as an example when she talks about learning a new skill.)

Can you listen to too many podcasts...???

What happens when you love your work and you have constant access to people and information?

Digital distraction vs digital overload.

Find your own neuroses...

"Quantification motivates me..."

We talk about this article by Tony Schwartz: http://www.15five.com/blog/struggling-disconnect-digital-lives/

Limiting the number of decisions you have to make throughout your day by creating routines.

Have we adapted yet to the rise in tech? Do we know what's really useful?

We recommend (again) this episode from The Future of Work podcast: http://www.thefutureorganization.com/forget-work-life-balance-its-all-about-work-life-integration/

Lisette recommends Flux https://justgetflux.com/ 

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