WLP91 Dr Clue's Treasure Hunts

Pilar talks to Dr Clue about how the adventure of a treasure hunt can bring team members closer together and how this adventure is being taken online. 57:28mins


Some links Pilar mentions:

The Management Café podcast blog: https://managementcafepodcast.com/

Episode 86 with Mandy from Sococo: http://www.virtualnotdistant.com/podcasts/collaborative-workspace-sococo/

You can join us for Virtual Team Talk by applying here: https://virtualteamtalk.com/

The Conversation with Dr Clue

Check out www.drclue.com

07:20mins How a treasure hunt is created.

Seeing your city with new eyes.

The team experience of the treasure hunt.

Why do teams go on treasure hunts?
New teams, teams in flux, mergers and acquisitions.

The role of appreciation and trust.

The tension between competition and collaboration. Our competitive nature.

Tribes in organisation.

Moving the treasure hunt online, using Sococo.

What's the difference between the in person treasure hunt and the online version?

"Teamwork doesn't necessarily mean holding hands every second."

Levels of trust in teams:

  • Sincerity
  • Reliability
  • Competence
  • Caring
  • Transparency / Vulnerability

"Competence doesn't mean perfection."

Why you want conflict in your team.