WLP68 Brian Cervino talks about Trello and Coffee!

In this episode, Pilar talks to Brian Cervino, the Community Manager of Trello, about how this online tool is helping people work together and how it's used within Trello itself to create a healthy company culture. 48:37 mins


Pilar thanks all guests and talks a bit about trust and transparency in companies.

Here are some links to posts on Trello by Pilar. How I'm Using Trello for the 21st Century Work Life podcast.

Tips on using Trello from Trello's blog.

VirtualTeamTalk blog

Leila's post How to Disengage Your Employees


The Conversation with Brian Cervino, Community Manager at Trello

13:50 mins How Trello evolves.

The story behind Trello.

Location - people working in office and remote.

Trello Business Class and The Freemium model.

The concept of PowerUps. "Calling all Developers".

How Trello uses Trello!


How others are using it http://blog.trello.com/curriculums-collaboration-and-reinventing-the-classroom/ ?

And the post that brought us together: http://www.happymelly.com/how-trello-can-help-your-team-self-organise/

Brian's music.

Making coffee and creativity.

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