WLP75 The Ups and Downs of Virtual Teams

Today's episode consists entirely of Pilar and Lisette's virtual coffee and they talk about the best things and the worst things about working in virtual teams. 52:37mins

We have a few updates, but not too many.
We talk about our online co-working space Virtual Team Talk,
Sqwiggle closing down,
should you take photos,
how Oleg Konovalov sent us his book Organisational Anatomy: A Manager's Guide to a Healthy Organisation (Towards the Twenty-First Century Organization)
and Lisette is reading the biography Elon Musk: How the Billionaire CEO of SpaceX and Tesla is Shaping our Future,
Lisette mentions this interview with the guys from RLoop. http://www.collaborationsuperpowers.com/83-a-self-organized-team-of-remote-redditors-competing-for-spacex-hyperloop/


19:05 Updates seamlessly evolve into the main body of our conversation.
We don't need permission to do a lot of stuff in virtual teams - we can self-organise, interact with people in other parts of the organisation... Flattening of the hierarchies. But this also has its down side... We tend to over-communicate.

Our oh-so-different communication styles.

Retrospective and reviewing our team process: the most important thing is to have the conversation.


Freedom and cost - two ups!

Freedom increases motivation. Pilar refers to this article Stop Motivating Your Employees! 

Tele-pressure and techno-stress!

The pressures shift - from management to peers.