WLP54 Who's Going Remote?

In this episode we look at the different types of people working virtually and why they're going remote.

Pilar talks about the collaboration/competition theme that comes up later.

Virtual Buddies.

Pilar has joined Happy Melly One!

First time we talked about doing a Blab - join us for our next one. https://blab.im/pilar-orti-working-in-virtual-teams

When competitors collaborate...

What Pilar is doing for Happy Melly One.

How security and spying concerns are blocking collaboration efforts in corporations.

Lisette recommends the book Team of teams.

When systems squash creativity.
What different kinds of remote workers are there?


Telecommute, why is the word "commute" still there?


"Freedom is a currency."

(Lisette is full of good quotes lately...)

Business Owners

Digital Nomads

The Telecommuter Shopping Assistant (Lisette's dream)