WLP96 Are We Breaking the World of Virtual Work?

In today's episode, Lisette and Pilar talk about the little undesirable behaviours that might start to arise as more people adopt remote ways of working. 54.13mins.



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Pilar mentions two other podcasts: Management Café and En clave de podcast

The Conversation with Lisette

07:50mins Lisette talks about the first ever in person Happy Melly Exploration Day http://www.happymelly.com/happy-melly-exploration-day/

We talk a bit about what it takes to introduce change in organisations and the difficulty of experimenting in the public eye.

As more people adopt remote, will they eventually go back to office-based?

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When we move into the virtual world, our behaviours change in ways we didn't expect.

What does asynchronous communication bring up in us? We can become more rude but also more open. Do we forge tighter connections?

We talk about this article: http://www.fastcompany.com/3061825/the-future-of-work/the-psychology-behind-why-we-share-controversial-opinions-on-slack

As communication becomes more open, will there be more restrictions in how and what we can communicate? Look at the root cause of why people are changing their communication habits and even tools?

Why are geniuses sometimes disengaged at work?

We talk about this bot: https://github.com/joshnewlan/say_what
Pilar mentions this book: Virtual Leadership by Ghislaine Caulat and quotes:

"In the process of learning to become effective virtual leaders, they need to go to a deeper level of reflection and question key aspects, such as their own sense of identity as leaders, their relationships and issues of trust and power."