WLP97 Traveling the World While Working

In today's episode, Pilar talks to Kirstin Messina about Yonderwork, a company enabling remote workers to travel around the world as a community. 42.16mins


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The Conversation with Kristin Messina

09:15mins What is Yonderwork and who joins this community?

How does Yonderwork facilitate the experience of working remotely in another country.
Who are the Digital Nomads?

Having a community that you can plug into, both on a personal and professional level is what we are really looking to provide people with.

Why Kristin set up Yonderwork, with her husband.

Why do we need to choose between lifestyle and the work we do?

How do they choose the locations to take the community to? Next stops: Buenos Aires and Santiago de Chile.

Are different generations up for this?

The One Million per Work Flexibility: http://www.workflexibility.org/

The criteria for a location to take the community.

Their remote team.

Checking the internet speed in cafés!

How Kristin put her team together.

How can companies enable people to work location-free?

What kind of questions do they ask people who want to sign up to the community?

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