WLP155 - Designing the Digital Workspace

There are some questions we ask ourselves when designing our physical collaboration space. We can use most of these questions to design our online collaboration space too. 

WLP155_Designing the Digital Workspace

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The importance of the location of toilets in the workplace

What’s the culture like in your organisation?
Competitive, collaborative?
Will you design the workspace to support this or to challenge it?

What can you do to remind people they belong to your organisation/team when they log onto the workspace?
Check out this episode about How Zappos Lives its Culture, in the Happy Melly podcast

Do We Need to Keep People Together or Keep them Apart?

Do you need spaces where people can mingle and bump into each other?

The coffee machine as an “attractor”.
Google Docs and Trello are places where people can “bump into each other” when they’re doing the work.

Some final questions for you:

What’s your culture like, competitive, collaborative, something in between and what’s the use of the space encouraging?

How do you make the digital space unique to your organisation or team?

Have you got spaces where people can feel connected to each other and spaces where they can feel they have sole ownership of their work?

Have you got places where people can bump into each other and feel connected to other people through the work?

Pilar’s updates:

Online Meetings that Rock

Podcasting as an internal communication tool when introducing agile working. What do you think?

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