WLP83 The Spirit of Coworking

In this episode, Pilar talks to Alex Hillman, founder of Indy Hall, "a community of people who choose to work together, more productively, to make our work, our lives, our cities and communities better". 01:08:52

Listen to this episode on The Coworking Weekly Show, where Alex Hillman, today's guest, reflects on how the coworking spirit can be adapted to make the broader way of work a better place. http://listen.coworkingweekly.com/episodes/27649-ep20-ten-questions-about-the-future-of-work

The Conversation with Alex Hillman from Indy Hall




11:50mins Thanks to Bernie J Mitchell for introducing us!

Indy Hall - the story... http://www.indyhall.org/

Coworking - the verb, not the physical space.

Finding opportunities to be around each other.

First steps in coworking... Finding like-minded people.

Coworking that goes beyond the building. And what is the role of the person/s in charge?

"Organisations have many examples of when people need to be working together in order to accomplish their goals, but they don't work together and in some cases, they work against each other [...]
Then you have examples in coworking places when people don't need to work together, but they do."

The role of trust in the workplace.

Opportunities / successes and trends happening worldwide in the world of coworking.

"Coworking" can mean different things to different people.

Do photos of your coworking space have people in them?

Where are the shared spaces for non-start up organisations or artists?

"Real estate is straight forward because it's concrete. Community is complicated because it is not."

The People at Work Summit.

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