WLP82 Work Rules Without Pants

In this episode Pilar and Lisette talk about what they enjoyed most and learned from "Work Rules" and "The Year Without Pants". 49:56mins

Virtual Coffee with Lisette: "Work Rules" and "The Year Without Pants".

Lisette tells us about her terrible morning commute.
Pilar talks a little bit (just a little bit) about post-Brexit and a little bit about the last Spanish elections.
(You can listen to Pilar's rant about Brexit here: http://wlpodcast.libsyn.com/yes-i-too-am-talking-brexit)

We start to talk about "Work Rules" and "The Year Without Pants".

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"One of the nobler aspirations of a workplace should be that it's a place of refuge where people are free to create, build and grow."
Laszlo Bock in 'Work Rules'

"There's nothing wrong with tradition until you want progress. Progress demands change and change demands reevaluation of what the traditions are and how they're practiced."
Scott Berkun in "The Year Without Pants"

"Your right to swing your arms ends just where the other man's nose begins."
Zechariah Chafee Jr

"The key to balancing individual freedom with overall direction is to be transparent."
Laszlo Bock in 'Work Rules'

When is an idea a good idea?

Separate development conversations from appraisal conversations.

The difficulty in getting feedback when you are remote.

And the big question: can you be as great a company when you operate remotely as when you are co-located? The jury is still out.