WLP117 A Question of Trust - a Virtual Team Talk project

What contributes to team members trusting each other in virtual teams? In today's episode, we present a range of thoughts, questions and suggestions to help maintain trust in virtual teams. 55:35mins


The history behind Virtual Team Talk

“If we don’t have the trust, eventually you don’t have a team, you have a bunch of individuals that are sort of working together, but not really working together towards the same purpose.”
(Mark Kilby)


A bit about how this project developed, in case you are interested in setting up something similar in either a virtual community, or even within your organisation, as a way of bringing people together, who don’t usually work together.

"What level of trust does my team need, right now, to be effective?"

Calculated Trust: You follow the rules because the cost of not doing so is greater then the value of breaking the rule.

How Trust Emerges

Self-Awareness: What helps us to build trust, how does my behaviour impact how others trust me
You can read the blog post about the first meeting we had in virtualteamtalk.com

In this episode you will hear the voices of Mark Kilby, who’s an agile coach working in a company called Sonatype, which is 95% distributed. They have developers all the way from Thailand to Alaska, working from home.

And Melanie Pürschel who is developing software for remote teams and she’s currently working on the Team Mood Tracker. As a psychologist in IT she’s interested in how to support teams through technology.

And thanks to Terrance, Jochen, Kayt and Kevin for their thoughts and contributions to this project too. 

16:34 mins Individual behaviours that help us trust someone or distrust them

Trustand conflict.
Can you be yourself? Can you trust others to call out unsuitable behaviour?
Managers who want harmony all the time.
Do we trust/distrust certain professions more than others?
How is trust built in cross-functional teams?

27:04minsBuilding trust in new teams and the question of control

36:33mins Designing pairing opportunities to “do” something, the sense of camaraderie, purpose, alignment, can be brought out.

38:49mins  Norm formation and trust emergence.

Trust as a broad corridor.

41:18mins Reliability

 “Is there anything else we should be talking about?” is a really important question. That can be turned into a process, something that we integrate into our meeting processes.

Trust is about understanding people’s behaviour when it doesn’t match our own.