WLP118 What Virtual CoWorking can Teach Virtual Teams

In today's episode, Pilar and Lisette share their experiences in virtual coworking and highlight those elements that can be applied to working in a virtual team.


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- Lisette shares her experience hiring virtual freelancers - and she has great tips!
- We share this article which suggests you're better off hiding your image from yourself during video meetings


- Amazon has created 5,000 new US remote jobs

- Pilar has been listening to the Leading Wisely podcast with Ricardo Semler and guests and she's loving it!

Lessons from Coworking in Virtual Team Talk's Sococo space

1. Easy to communicate your mood.
Finding a way to allow for serendipity
Guiding people on how to use the space
A visual component for sharing mood and status

2. No physical commute but a change in mindset.
Webcam covers.
Use what tech you've got.
Flexibility + communication = autonomy!

3. Emotions are part of who we are.
Show your willingness to interact.

4. What are you working on?

5. Mix up your communication: chat/audio/video

6. Relatedness and identity, without removing autonomy.

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