WLP120 Work Life... what? Balance? Fusion? Interference?

In this episode, we discuss the different ways in which we talk about work life and non-work life, as well as some of the issues arising when working through technology. 30:42mins

Work Life what?

Pilar mentions this episode from HBR IdeaCast, broadcast on 14 July 2016 "We Can't Work All the Time" https://hbr.org/ideacast/2016/07/we-cant-work-all-the-time.html

Challenging the identity of the person who sees themselves as a different individual at work and at home.

Work-life balance doesn't always mean work-family balance.

You might want to check out the 27 March 2017 episode of Business Daily. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p04xd4jy

Are customising your notifications the key to achieving separation of work and non-work activities?

Work-life balance
Work life fusion
Work-home interference


Does job insecurity contribute to stress if you work from home?

Unusual suspects who want flexibility in the work: Lisette and Pilar!

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